Time ( GMT+3) 2022/08/10 12:54:49
Asset Direction Amount Opening time Expiry time Status Payment
USD/CHFPUT£1842022/08/10 11:01:572022/08/10 12:54:39PROFIT£320.16
EUR/USDPUT£2232022/08/10 11:00:072022/08/10 12:54:31PROFIT£363.49
NZD/USDPUT£1952022/08/10 11:37:582022/08/10 12:54:27PROFIT£345.15
EUR/USDCALL£912022/08/10 11:50:122022/08/10 12:54:22PROFIT£163.8
USD/CHFCALL£2282022/08/10 11:05:422022/08/10 12:54:20PROFIT£389.88
EUR/JPYPUT£1022022/08/10 11:01:592022/08/10 12:53:20PROFIT£173.4
USD/CADPUT£762022/08/10 11:03:482022/08/10 12:52:21PROFIT£133
NZD/USDCALL£1882022/08/10 11:01:362022/08/10 12:51:53PROFIT£332.76
GBP/USDPUT£1122022/08/10 11:20:142022/08/10 12:51:45PROFIT£190.4
EUR/JPYPUT£2042022/08/10 11:21:292022/08/10 12:51:43PROFIT£344.76
GBP/CHF CALL £106.52 2020/06/12 01:03:01 2020/06/12 02:44:44 PROFIT £196
GBP/CHF CALL £106.52 2020/06/12 01:03:01 2020/06/12 02:44:44 PROFIT £196
GBP/CHF CALL £106.52 2020/06/12 01:03:01 2020/06/12 02:44:44 PROFIT £196
GBP/CHF CALL £106.52 2020/06/12 01:03:01 2020/06/12 02:44:44 PROFIT £196

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have some kind of experience?
No, the program and my team will help you earn money every day, even if you've never worked online.
Is the Katana really free?
Yes, you will not have to pay a dime to get the application. Later, when you will start earning money, a certain percentage of your earnings will be received by me and my team. But this percentage will be not withdrawn from your account — it will be withdrawn directly from the profit before it is entered to your account. At the same time, you will receive 75–85 % of the profit from every trade, as it usually happens in the financial trading.
How much can I earn?
Each of the Katana users earns at least £1000 a day, and if you sign up, you will be able to earn the same!
What do I need to start earning?
Only an Internet-connected computer, laptop or smart phone.
Why do I have to top up a trading account?
The Katana application is connected to the global financial market, and it is natural that, in order to start trading with binary options, you need some initial capital. However, taking into account that the minimum amount for replenishing the account is only £250, you will return the money just in one day.
How do I contact the technical support service?
The technical support service is available 24/7, around the clock, including weekends and holidays. You can contact our team by e-mail [email protected]. If you want to get advice over the phone, please contact us by e-mail, leave your phone number and we will call you back at any time convenient for you.
Should I need to download something?
No, it works online, on any device connected to the Internet.
Would I be able to log in to my account from a smart phone or MacBook?
Yes, the Katana program is compatible with any system and with any device — whether it is a Windows or Apple PC or laptop, as well as a smart phone or tablet based on Android, IOS or Windows Mobile.
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Olivia Evans
This program is simply incredible, and your team is ready to help. Thank you for helping me earn enough money to buy a watch for my husband, which he had always dreamed of. It used to be an unaffordable luxury for us, but with the Katana I managed to pile up money for it in a week)))))
Comment 67
Fred Parson
You and your team have become my heroes – I tip my hat to you! I think, this will be clearly no idle boast to my followers! I have failed to tell you from the very beginning that, in general, I don’t deal with the overview of trading systems. I am engaged in searching for programs that fail to work or do not work as promised by their creators, and I post reviews on them in my blog... And, of course, there’s a hell of a lot of them ... It is fortunate for you and your customers that I haven’t found any shortcomings in your program. It's really a high tech, well-thought-out solution. Having worked with the Katana only for 9 days, I have earned £9385. Keep it up!
Comment 67
Emma Broock
I would like to thank my husband William that he has found this application and insisted on trying it. I was told that I would not need any special expertise and I said, “Ok. Let's try”. They promised the 24/7 support, and I also found it hard to believe. And when I was told that I would earn £1,000 a day ... I thought it was sheer nonsense! I am very glad that this is not like that, I am GRATEFULL to William that he has persuaded me to try it! This is our result for 7 days... THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE PROGRAM AND YOUR ASSISTANCE!
Comment 843
Martin Ellington
I have been using the program for a few weeks, and I believe that it is time to THANK you and tell what I have achieved with your help! Only in a few weeks, I have managed to amass money for a down payment for a spacious apartment in a prime bedroom community area of ​​London! Jessica (my wife) and I would like to thank you for that we and our children are able to live in completely different conditions and not be afraid for our future!
Comment 168
Gordon Davies
I do not know whether you are aware that here, in Lancashire, it is almost impossible to find a job! Especially with a good salary and PARTICULARLY IF YOU ARE A STUDENT! Your program “Katana” has just saved me ... now I earn 5000 pounds a week. Here such money could not be earned even in half a year! God bless you!
Comment 84
Jerry Adamson
I have tested this program 10 days, and now I want to tell the whole world how effective it is! I have a lot of subscribers and I am not intended to keep this discovery secret. I think they will be shocked when they find out that during this week I have earned more than £1000 per day.
Comment 47


Do not hesitate to ask your questions! Our friendly staff of the technical support service will be happy to help you at any time.

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